We are an education facility that recognizes the accomplishments of individuals who have been in ministry for many years prior to obtaining a fully qualified education in theology or divinity. The programs and courses in the Old Catholic Institute are not affiliated with any institute of higher learning, nor are they accredited by any secular organization. The Old Catholic Institute is, however, in the process of updating all programs and courses so as to obtain accreditation from an independent religious education body.  Once completed, information specific to independent accreditation will appear here.  Please be aware this accreditation may not be valid for use in secular institutions.


Becoming a student of the Old Catholic Institute does not constitute a contract between the Institute and the student, but rather the general nature of and conditions concerning the educational services in effect at the time of publication.

Information on this website is subject to change at any time without notice. All courses, programs and activities described in our catalog is subject to cancellation or termination by the Institute at any time. The academic regulations and degree requirements are subject to revision to reflect changes in Board policies, occupational and licensure requirements, and other changes related to the quality of the program.

The Old Catholic Institute hereby expressly disclaims any warranty or representation that any course or program completed by a student will result in the acquisition of any specific knowledge or skills by the student, or will enable the student to successfully complete or pass any specific examinations for any course, degree, or occupational license.

Degrees obtained from the Old Catholic Institute should be considered honorary. It is the student’s responsibility to retain all syllabi, coursework, thesis documents, and transcripts.